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Lenny Burdette

Current Employment

Square, Inc.

Senior Software Developer, October 2013–

Skills, Tools & Experience

Loosely ranked from “Pretty darn good at it” to “I’ve only played with it.”

Published Works

The JavaScript Pocket Guide

Peachpit Press, 2010

312 pages of JavaScript reference and tutorials written and published in the first quarter of 2010 (which makes it pretty much obsolete at this point!)

Past Employment

Zappos Labs

Senior Software Developer, February 2011–October 2013

I’ve lead development on dozens of projects ranging from small hacks and experiments to year-long e-commerce and mobile applications. Most projects rely on public and private APIs and are deployed to EC2 on top of several Amazon Web Services. In addition to Rails, Node, Cocoa Touch, and front-end development, I pushed the team towards test-driven development, helped out on devops, and played a major role in brainstorming projects and new lines of business.

Major projects include:


Senior Software Developer, July 2007–January 2011

I worked on small- to medium-sized product teams primarily as a front-end developer as well as a client-facing technical representative and software architect. My development work emphasized performance, SEO, and accessibility. I was often tasked to learn new technologies like Silverlight and OpenGL in the course of a project.

Clients included Dell, Disney, Google, The Library of Congress, Logitech, Mazda, South Park Studios,, and Yahoo.

Freelance Design & Development


University of California, Los Angeles

Bachelor of Arts in Design | Media Art, Summa Cum Laude, Class of 2007


Hobbies & Activities

Cycling, climbing, hiking, binge TV watching, tooling around on the guitar and mandolin, wearing kick-ass socks.